I have a large and ever growing collection of transcriptions and charts, ranging from simple lead sheets up to detailed full-ensemble transcriptions. If you’re in need of anything transcribing, send me an email detailing the tracks and parts you’d like, and I’ll send you back a quotation and time-scale estimate.

The sheet music available here sorted into two categories:

  • Transcriptions are (as close as is possible) a note-for-note representation of the music played on a particular recording.
  • Charts are more intended for performing, so may have some details omitted, particularly in order to reduce the part to two pages.

Some songs I have both a chart and a transcription for. If you like a chart for a song I’ve transcribed, just send me a message and it’ll probably won’t take much time for me to edit one for you.

An indispensable tool that I use is  Seventh String’s “Transcribe!”, which I highly recommend for a number of useful features such as EQ, L-R balance-fading and annotation, as well as the obligatory speed and/or pitch adjustment.

Finally, all the material I’ve provided here is intended for educational purposes. If you are the copyright owner for anything I’ve transcribed and would like me to remove it from this site, please get in touch.